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«Les Contes d’Hoffmann» G. Offenbach 

Svetlana Feodulova - coloratura soprano
Orchestra - Ilya Gaisin (conductor)
Concert - 16/06/2012 | Moscow

Recognitions and awards

Svetlana Feodulova – has established itself as one of the leading young soprano, accompanied silvery voice, which has unlimited effortless high register with a dynamic presence on stage.

Her first steps to the opera stage was made in 2010. We can not say that they shy.Svetlana was officially recognized as «the most high coloratura soprano in Russia» and the highest vote among professionals in the entire history of the world. As a result of expertise, Svetlana was awarded a diploma and personally rewarding marks – gold star «Russian Book of Records». After some time she was given the status of the «Golden Voice of Russia»

Life of a vocalist is made up of continuous search and discovery.

G. Offenbach 
«Les Contes d’Hoffmann» 
Svetlana Feodulova - coloratura soprano

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Life and music career

Svetlana Feodulova
Date of Birth: May 12, 1987


Date of Birth: May 12, 1987She graduated from music school. F. Chaliapin. Was 9 years old soloist with the Big Children’s Choir of the All-Union Radio and Central Television (abbreviated – DHL, the present name – the Big Children’s Choir of V. Popov. She studied at the Academy of Choral Art named after Vladimir Popov, took master classes with leading opera singersthe world, studied at the International Academy of Art in Italy. She studied singing at the Pushkin MM (soloist Musical Theatre. B. Pokrovsky, director of the choir «Slavic Face») in Moscow, was engaged in the class LS Mirzayan in Russia in Italy, J. Perry (a professor in the vocal department of the Hochschule für Musik in Bern, Switzerland, as well as a visiting professor in Savona, Italy at the Academy of Cilea Savona). The actress and teacher of popular Moscow Theatre «Raiders» in Moscow.

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Fvetlana Feodulova | FHOTOSHOOTS 2010

Fvetlana Feodulova | FHOTOSHOOTS 2010

Svetlana Feodulova (Coloratura soprano). Russia. Moscow 2010

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